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NFHS Makes Signifigant Football Rule Changes for 2019

40 Second Play Clock - Post-Season Instant Replay 

40-SECOND PLAY CLOCK [2-35-1, 3-6-1, 3-6-2a, 7-2-1] 
Rationale: To have a more consistent time period between

downs, the rules committee approved situations where 40

seconds will be placed on the play clock.

The new rule defines when 40 seconds will be placed on the

play clock and when 25 seconds will be placed on the play clock.


By State Association Adoption,

Use of Video Review Allowed for Post-Season
Rationale: By state association adoption, instant replay may

only be used during state postseason contests to review decisions

by the on-field game officials. This adoption would allow state

associations to develop protocols for use of video replay.

More 2019 Rule Changes 

2018 GA Football State Champions

A Public - Clinch County

A Private - ELCA

AA - Heard County

AAA - Cedar Grove

AAAA - Blessed Trinity

AAAAA - Bainbridge

AAAAAA - Lee County

AAAAAAA - Milton

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